Reinstall Drupal 8

Reinstalling a Drupal 8 site can't be bruteforced as in Drupal 7 where dropping all tables in the database is enough to reinstall a site.

One of the reasons why just dropping tables in the database isn't enough is that the config directory (e.g. sites/default/files/config_somehashkey) needs to be deleted.

Follow these steps to reinstall your Drupal 8 website:

  1. Empty the files directory.
  2. Replace the settings.php file with a copy of the default.settings.php file.
  3. Add write permissions to the settings.php file.
  4. Drop all tables in the database.
  5. Reinstall the site on

Reinstall your Drupal 8 site like a pro by using Drush

You can simply reinstall your site by using the Drush si command.

Example for reinstalling your Drupal 8 site with drush:

drush si standard --account-pass=SOMEPASS --db-url=mysql://SOMEUSER@SOMESERVER/SOMEDATABASE;

More information on the Drush si command can be found by using "drush help si" in the command line.